The boy who was lost accidentally

 Bojlo wanted to make happy evey student and his mate happy. That is why he worked for them. One day Moti's mother was very sick. Moti was not at home. He was outside of the area. Bojlo returned from school and found Moti's mother sick.

Seeing the circumstance he ran fastly for a doctor but doctor was not at the chamber. Bojlo again went to the doctor's home.

Seeing Bojlo the doctor was astonished. He asked him, " Aren't you Bojlo"

--- Yes sir, please come to me our home as soon as possible!

----What happened Bojlo?

---Sir (Crying....), No talk please, my aunt is very sick, You have to go with me fastly.

----Okay, my dear! I will go with you. Let's move !

Doctor observed Moti's Mom and said really she was lucky. Because it was difficult to find a person like Bojlo. Thus were really rare character.How kind Bojlo was!

Bojlo asked the doctor about his fees, doctor smilingly answered that he would not take any fee for Bojlo. He was impressed on Bojlo's talent and kind.

Final examination of Bojlo was very near at door. He studied attentively. Once he realised that only good result could make his exception to others. He revised all his subject very nicely.

He appeared all the examination. He desired to do well in the examination.

After 3 weeks later, the result of final examination was disclosed. Bojlo promoted to class eight from seven. He stood first in the class in accordance with the academic result.

When he brought the transcript to Moti, he saw this for a long time and finally said just two words, " Carry on"

Suddenly Wazifa came to Moti at a noon with a broken face. Moti asked her why she was so much excited. Wazifa replied that she wanted to study more. Bojlo did not understand. He again asked the same speech.

Wazifa said," A powerful person in my area wants to marry me, I don't like that now. He is so much dangerous. How can we save ourselves from the person?

---Don't be tensioned. Everything will be okay. You have to keep patience.

---Please do something, Bojlo. I and my mother are very helpless. We have no powerful relative to teach him a good lesson.

---Okay! I will do something for you.

Bojlo thought and thought. But nothing was come out from the brain. Suddenly he found na excellent plan to oppress the powerful dishonest man who wanted to marry Wazifa. Bojlo collected his name. His name was Thonga Zafor. 

Once a night Bojlo weared a white dress up to bottom in his body. He was looked like a dead body. It was late night. About 3.AM. Zafor woke up for going to bathroom. Bojlo was made him hide at the cornor of the bathroom. When Zafor came out from bathroom, Bojlo stood in front of him. Zafor was crying and couldn't shout. 

Bojlo said to him in a changed voice," Do you know me?"

---- No, No, I don't know you.

---- I am a king of ghosts.

----- What do you want from me?( crying....)

----- I want to break your throat and I want to kill you( Loughing.....)

------No, No....Don't kill me. I will give you all my assets. Give me a chance to live.

------ I always live with Wazifa ( Loughing....), And you, want to marry her?

--------Forgive me, I will never say again to marry her. I want to live. I don't get married her.

-------Forgive cordially to Wazifa and her mother. If you don't I will come again and you will not provided more chance. Go......

Zafor ran to his room. Bojlo returned from the place as soon as possible so that none could trace him.

Yesterday Wazifa came to Bojlo at evening and said about Zafor. Zafor begged pardon from Wazifa and her mother. He did not stay there a long time. He was scared.

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