Daily's Diary-01

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Mohona went for her native yesterday. Her grand-father came from California. After 10 years later he backed to his mother land. The old man is an American citizen. He is also Ph.D. He researched based on the rights of orphange. It was an exceptional subject at that time. 

However, all his relatives are cordially invited to their village home. It can be said a gathering of their family. Life is too short. Such type of programme can be appreciated. That is why she didn't miss the programme. Mohona is a girl of 23 years old. She is the most senior child of their family. All of her relatives know her very well. It's a matter of joyous.

Mohona loves her village so much. Her parents tried different times to marry her with a smart boy. But she didn't agree. She established an NGO called "Come back lady". The main activity of this NGO is to establish the human rights of those ladies who are widoow, who are the helpless victim of torturing, who are the victim of dowry system.

Near about 2 P.M! Mohona reached at her grand father's home. Being seen them the old man became very happy. It was a moment of record. The grand-father cried also. It is a crying of joy.

At 2.45 P.M, they had completed ther lunch. After completing their meal at noon they started gossiping. The old grand father was talking with everybody.


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