How to be happy in life?


To happy in life we should follow the instructions mentioned in the below. It is completely based on my views.

1.     Sound sleep

2.     Proper physical exercise

3.     Give some moments to yourself

4.     Don’t speak more and more.

5.     Love the family and your dearest ones.

6.     Those who insult you, leave their company forever.

7.     If anybody demand your assistance, assist him without any expectation.

8.     Don’t expect anything from anyone.

9.     Say you sadness to the Almighty who has created the whole universal.

10. Give importance to others.

11. Love the people who love you.

12. Ignore those who criticize your activities.

13.  Always try to develop your current condition.

14. Help the poor and those who are needy.

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  • Chhoyful Alam
    Chhoyful Alam January 11, 2023 at 1:21 PM

    Excellent sir🥰

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