Feeling scared 😳

Mona is a student of class eight. Her father is a poor woodcutter. Mona always felt scared about her poverty in her school. Her father asked her if she felt fear of clowns. Feeling fear of clowns is important for everyone. 

Most of the western culture oriented people want to keep scary cat with them & in their families. Fearful meaning is an important term for Mona. Mona didn't know that another word for fear is scared. Mona knew fear meaning in english could be replaced as scared.


We tried to know the irrational fear meaning is feeling scared. Mona wanted to know another word for scared and nervous.

Mona's younger sister felt fear of being chased in her family. Generally we have fear of shadows &  She said, "You don't  hug me because im scared. 


When Mona went back to school she felt very scared seeing an unknown boy. Most of the people felt to be scared observing unknown facts. 


Mona had a younger child who felt fear of dinosaurs & this fear of dinosaurs made her scared. Mona understood that people getting scared couldn't take effective decision. 


An unknown guest came to Mona's family & when she tried to hug her younger sister, she said instantly, "Don't hug me I'm scared. 

She said, "Do you feel scared of clowns?"

Mona said, "Getting scared makes me hungry "


They aren't scared away. The guest of Mona tried shaking with fear with her father. 


Causing fear is an important component of our life. Some people have the fear of ghosts and this makes us scared. Mona is a kindless girl in this imaginary story.

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