I'm scared! Why am I scared? Tale of a scared girl.

 I am scared: Tale of a scared girl!


My father, the most important person in my world is now at the bed of a abandoned hospital. We were poor and now also we're poor that is why we are to stay here like this undervalued situation. At a time my father was a smart and honest government officer. Then our house were completed with lots of people who came to meet with my father. My father tried to help all of the people came to him.

But today!

 the kind hearted man is alone in the bed of an abandoned hospital.

Sinthia was saying more and more when she was telling the tale of her father.

At the eventual period of time, Sinthia was called by her mother. Because her father was calling Sinthia to say something.

Sinthia entered the room. 

....Dear daughter, listen to me.

Please, papa.

... Always follow the advice of your mother if She follow the creator.

Of course, papa.

...Love to the poor and helpless. Don't underestimate the human being.

Saying these, her father went sleeping. Everyone were tensioned. Suddenly the sound of crying became increased.

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