Naughty Ghosts: I was scared at ghosts

I travelled to a new city for my official purpose. I met with some officials of that new town. I had to complete an assignment within 10 days. That is why I had to stay in that city. But I didn't decide about my residence. Some of my colleagues at my office suggested staying at an old guest house.

I agreed with them. Some of my colleagues who had been living at the guest house for many years, told me so that I would live there carefully. Because they had seen something unexpectedly dressed there. They called that as ghosts.

Listening to them I was scared of ghosts. I meant Ghosts are so much dangerous. 

Suddenly one day after, I went to buy some foods. At that time some sounds was created. When I wanted to explore the sound nothing was visible to me. Running quickly I entered into my room. I was scared. I meant that ghosts.

After some moments, I noticed a white cat seeing at me. I supposed to ghosts. I was scared. 

When I was returned to my residence after buying some foods for my dinner I saw that the security guard was moving to and fro.


I asked him, " Why are you moving to and fro?"

--I don't know why I'm moving to and fro.

Again I asked, " Have you seen any Ghosts?

-- No, I haven't. Have you seen ghosts?

With a mobile torch lighter I returned to my room. My subconscious mindset remembered that there was something, Ghosts!

Suddenly I noticed that some unexpectedly sounds was created, when I tried to discover. Nothing was found. It was may be ghosts.

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  • Anonymous
    Anonymous August 26, 2023 at 5:47 PM

    Hmm may be ghost. But dear! this story when i was reading, my heartbeat level unexpectedly increased. Go ahead. Nice Story!!!

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