The naughty Ghosts! I was scared at ghosts- Part 2

After completing my daily routine works, I entered into my room. Entering at room first of all I switched on the light of my room. Than I went to the washroom to make fresh myself. 

When I came back to my room I saw that the light of my room was switched off. I couldn't believe my eyes. What happened!

 I thought that there was a mistake. I assumed that the light of my room wasn't switched on.

Again switching on the light of my room I went out to bring my dress from a point besides my room.

When I came back again to my room, I noticed that the light was switched off. I was scared! I assumed that there was a ghost. Where is the ghost? I tried to find the existence of the ghost. But noticed was visible to me of the ghost. I was scared.

Suddenly I noticed that there was a sound crying of female. I tried to find from where the crying sound was arisen. I assumed that the crying sound was from north eastern side of my guest house. I tried to see who was crying. When I went to the side of crying the sound was totally off. I assumed that it was a ghost. This ghosts might be a female ghost

There was no one in the guest house except I. I was scared of ghost. Then I tried to switched on all of the lights of the guest house. But the light was become automatically switched off. I was scared of the ghost.

Again I noticed there was a sound of crying was coming from the opposite side of my room. I was scared of the ghost. I shouted loudly and I asked who was here.

Then it was 3.0 AM. I couldn't sleep for a single time. I tried to call the security guard of the guest house. But he was in a deep sleep. He didn't reply to my call. I was scared of ghost. Where was the ghost I didn't find the ghost. I believed that the existence of ghosts was real and absolutely correct.

I called my colleagues around my guest house. Most of them didn't reply to me. Among them one of my colleague replied me and said there was no ghost available in my guest house. He said that it was hellocination.

When I listened again the crying I was scared again of ghosts. After sometime of that I noticed that I was crying. 

Suddenly I noticed that there was no sounds of crying. 

At the morning I tried to make understand that incident to my colleague. They were loughing at me. They didn't believe of  that.

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