Suicidal Note: Part-1

They were three friends. Most of the times they used to pass their wonderful moments with together. One of them was so much crazy about feeling of love with a girl. His name was sultan . The girl was highly beautiful. Her name was Sinthiya. They were in a same class students. Sultan proposed to Sinthiya but she rejected Sultan. Sultan tried more and more. But Sinthiya felt so disturbing about the matter.

Once a morning he saw a marriage program in the apartment of Sinthiya. Sultan felt that Sinthiya would be married to another one. Listening that Sultan committed to suicide and he left a suicidal Note.

The suicidal Note was found in the corner of bed of Sultan. The remaining two friends of Sultan Jubayer and Zakir. They ran fastly to the house of Sinthiya. It was right that there was a marriage program in the apartment of Sinthiya but it was in 4th floor and the girl was a neighbor of Sinthiya. The marriage program didn't belong to Sinthiya.

In the suicidal note the cause of committing suicide of Sultan was seen the marriage of Sinthiya.

Jubayer show this suicidal note to Sinthiya. She read the suicidal note very interestingly but didn't say anything. Jubayer and Zakir searched the deadbody of Sultan in every corner of the apartment they lived. But they didn't find Sultan's deadbody. But they found only a suicidal note. This suicidal note was highly pathetic and tragedian.

The suicidal note was written in a green paper with a black ball point. Once Jubayer received a call in his Mobile phone and the sound was like a voice of Sultan. Jubayer didn't trace the voice clearly. He made a call again to that number but the number was switched off.

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