Writing a dialogue between two friends on negative affects of social media.

 Assalamu alaikum

Dear friends,

Today we are going to discuss about a dialogue writing on negative affects of social media. Tomal and Shamin are friends. Both of them are intermediate examinees. They are taking preparation for their examination. Tomal and Shamim are discussing on the negative affect of social media in their life.

Dialogue writing is very much important for a student and mostly it is based on student's free hand writing quality. Most of the students are not highly expert in writing dialogues easily. Many students are to memorise many dialogues and this habit is not good for them.

We are providing the dialogue based on the affect of social media. Social media is not always good for us. It may be negatively used.

Tomal: How are you friend Shamim?

Shamim: I am not so good right at now.

Tomal: Why are you not good right now?

Shamim: I am informed today that my cousin could not do a good result in her examination. That is why our family are tensioned for her next future. His father became so much angry being heard his unexpected result.

Tomal: Why he has done such a bad result?

Shamim: He used different types of  social media during his last semesters and it might hamper his study.

Tomal: What types of social media he uses usually?

Shamim: He was addicted in using facebook, twitter and telegram. Recently I have been noticed he has been addicted in instragram.

Tomal: Being addicted is very bad for us. Social media is now become a part and parcel of our life but we should use them based on our demand. Addiction is not desirable.

Shamim: It is absolutely correct, we should be controlled in using these media.

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