Story of a failure graduate-01

 Mr. Zink is a 30 years old youth. His has two brothers and a younger sister. Their family runs with a hardship condition. When Zink was a student of honors 1st year, his father was died.

They used face difficulties after their father past. Zink's mother did not get any solution to face the expenditure of the family. Zink thought not to continue his study as his father had died. He was very much helpless to his fate. But he had nothing to do. At a moment Zink thought that he would win the bad luck doing a best result in his graduation and post graduation. Zink applied for the scholarship to many international aid organization to help him. But it was a matter of regret that he was not provided a single penny as the assistance for continuing his study.

However, He passed his graduation with a first class result but he had to face many difficulties. He then tried to continue his post graduation in the same subject. Within two years he had passed his post graduation with also a result of first class. When he entered the job market he had started to appear many job circular. But he was failed. Then he tried to be a businessman. There he also failed.

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