How does US health system work?

US health system:

Health care system is the united states has been implemented in a critical bureaucracy where as it is so much crucial for the citizens of the US. Unfortunately it has been a milestone in the history for the US people.

Most of the countries in the world the health care system is maintained by the government or privately business sector, but only in the US , the health care system is maintained by the non profit organizations in the united states of America.

It is known to all that the US government allow a good and healthy budget in the health care system. It is the biggest budget in health sector in the world.

This budget is provided by the state, government or public payers. Though this budget is allotted by the government but the expenditure in the health care system is also provided by the private insurance company of that country.

In the United States of America the expenses of health related experiment, medicine, medical equipment buying are provided by the insurance companies where the people registered for the medicalim from the insurance funded by the government.

Health insurance is mostly known as Health coverage, Health care coverage or, Health benefits. Health insurance always provides the cost of health protection and an insured is provided the medical cost, medicine cost and the experimental cost by the insurer or the insurance companies.

This adds both private insurance program and societal insurance program. As an example we can say that medicare. This is associated with providing the major medical expenses to the all stages of people both children and matured people. Social welfare  programs named medicaid or children health protection program assist the all of the people to protect them from different types of diseases who can not afford to the medical expenses.

Medical expenses or health insurance also makes a coverage of anybody's disability or long term custodial care.

In accordance with a statistics it is mentioned that the national health expenditure is estimated to increase 4.7% per person per year 2016 to 2025.

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