How to be happy in life? ।। How to be successful in life?।। How to get happiness in life? ।। How we be happy in life??

How to be happy in life ?
How to be successful in your life?
How to get happiness in life?
How we be happy in life?

If you want to be happy in life you need to follow the factors mentioned in the below.

Pardon other 
Love your mother
Depend on your creator
Always complete your daily tasks
Complete your responsibilities 
 Don't be angry
 Don't be excited
 Always mind that nothing is impossible in this world 
Don't expect anything from others
 Reduce expectation
  self satisfaction
 Help the poor and helpless
 Don't compare with others


 Pardon others:

 Pardoning other is a special quality for human being. Always try to pattern others. If you can make this quality on you, It is hoped it will helpful for you to be happy in life. If you can pardon others it will help you to make happy in life. Most of us don't like to pardon others. It's a great virtue which is necessary for our life. 

 Love your mother:

your mother is the most important person in your life in the world. You have come in this world by her. The ultimate piece lies in your life in loving your mother. Always try to satisfy her. If you listen to her it makes you happy in life. Without mother's satisfaction you can't be happy in life. So you ultimate and inner piece lies the satisfaction of your mother. Don't hurt your mother. Her smile makes you happy in life. One can't be successful in life making hurt his or her mother. Always try to keep your mother with her. Celebrating Mothers Day is not enough to love mother. So it is highly necessary to love your mother to be happy in life.

 Depend on your greatest Creator:

 It is believed that we are made by one who is named creator. The belief on him makes you happy in life. Never disbelief on him. Depending on him will make you happy in this world. The people who believe in the creator are always happy in this world. Most of the believer are happy in this world. You should be pious in this world and you should make believe in the creator and these qualities will make you the happiest person in this world. So depending on the creator in any purpose will make you happy. 

 Always complete your task: 

Completing your daily tasks will give you mental satisfaction in your life. Mental satisfaction is highly necessary in our life. If you complete your daily tasks, it will make you happy and tension free in your life. So if you want to be happy in your life you should try to complete your daily activities regularly. Those who are not punctual in their life and they are not happy. Punctuality is highly necessary in our life. Finally it can be said that completing daily tasks is highly necessary to be happy in life. Completing your daily task will make you highly confident and that'll lead to bring happiness in your life. The people living in developed and civilized countries always try to complete their daily tasks regularly. 

 Complete your responsibilities: 

It is difficult to find a person who is above all types of responsibilities in life. All we are bounded to the responsibilities. We have responsibilities to our families. We have responsibilities to society and we have the most important responsibilities for our state or country. We have to complete the responsibilities for our societies, for our families, and for our countries. The people who are successful in their life, they complete their daily activities and responsibilities completely. So it is highly necessary to complete the daily activities and our responsibilities. If you can grow this habit it will lead to bring happy in your life. 

 Don't be angry:

 Being angry is not a solution. We always have to control our temper. Anger does not bring the fruitful result in life. The successful persons don't become angry easily. They have controlled their anger easily. Always try to be calm in the critical situation in life. It should be remembered that nothing is permanent in this world. Every problem will be removed as soon as possible in life. So to be happy in life don't be angry. 

 Don't be excited:

 Exciting is very harmful for our health and mindset. We can't be happy in our life because of excitement. So we should control excitement in our life. The excited people cannot be successful. Most of the successful people in this world have controlled their excitement in their lives.

 Nothing is impossible in this world:

 Nothing is impossible in this world. Everything is possible in the right way in this world. Patience makes everything possible in this world. Most of the people in this world lose their hopes. We should be optimistic and not to be lost our hopes. 

 Don't expect anything from others

It's a natural habit that most of us expect something from others. Do something for others but don't expect anything from them. It will give you a special energy on you. If you have any capacity to do something for others, of course you will do something for them. We are human being and social being that is why we are to live in society. So, we cannot deny the people of our society and the people of our surroundings. We always do something for our neighbours but we don't expect anything from them. If we make this habit we will not be hurt by others. 

 Reduce expectation

 Reducing expectation is a special virtue. It is the habitual fact that most of us always desire more and more in our small lives. It turns our life to hell. It's highly needed to reduce the expectation in life. We always try to lead a happy and luxurious life. It's not possible and it makes us unhappy. So it's highly necessary to reduce our expectations in life. 

 Self satisfaction:

 we need to make self satisfaction in our life. It's a great virtue. Most people cannot make self satisfaction in their life. As a result they cannot be happy in their life. So to be happy in life self satisfaction is very important. Without self satisfaction it is not possible to be happy or to acquire ultimate happiness in life. So we need to be careful about this. Self satisfaction makes our life comfortable and easy. 

 Help the poor and helpless: 

Helping the poor and helpless is a special quality in human life. If it is possible we need to do this. It will make our life easy and comfortable. By helping others we can get an inner piece or mental piece in our life. Inner peace and mental peace are very important in our life. So helping others is very important for our peace in life.  

 Don't compare your life with others: 

Only doing this we cannot be happy in life. So we should stop comparing our lives with others. we should be satisfied in our life. If you compare your life with others you will not be happy in life. So it should be stopped.

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