Pregnant girl and cruelest environment

 Juluni was a student of class nine. She was really very talented girl. Some of her male classmates proposed her to love. She cordially refused the proposal. One of the student of that class named Jeki loved her silently but didn't explorer the fact. Once a midnight he came to her and touched her body. She was also fallen in love to him. They had gone in the ultimate situation of love. But nobody could believe them about the matter.

After three months it was noticed that Juluni was got pregnant. She didn't know that she was pregnant. Being a pregnant girl she was highly scared. Juluni informed the matter of pregnancy to her friend Jeki. Jeki was well behaved but he rejected the pregnant girl normally. Juluni was really very poor and she didn't inform the pregnancy to her mother. But her mother was understood that her daughter was pregnant. The people of society tried to understand that the girl was pregnant.

Without getting marriage being pregnant was not acceptable to the society. Day by day everyone understood that Juluni was pregnant. But she had no established husband. The society detached Juluni's family from the society. Being pregnant is not a sine but it should have a valid cause to be pregnant.

Most of the people of the society tried to find the cause of her pregnancy. For whom she got pregnant?

At the eventual period the people of the society found the cause of pregnancy. They found Jeki for whom she was pregnant. Jeki said that he was responsible for being pregnant of Juluni. It made them uneasy to live in the society. As she was pregnant the people of the society pressured him to marry her. Most of the pregnant woman was a pride for everybody. Finally Jeki was obliged to get marry to the pregnant girl.

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