Dowry: a social curse and a disease

 Zesika and raising against dowry.

Zesika was a student of secondary level. She had an aunt who was a school teacher of a local school girl. Her aunt was 25 years old. Many proposal of her marriage had come in different days of the months. Zesika was very used to see that. Most of the guardians of a mentionable number of  would be bridegrooms demanded a lot of dowry that was really difficult for them to fulfil their demand. Apart from this this was not fair also. It is unfair, illegal and dangerous trend for the society.

Zesika endured most of the cases. She realised that protest against the dowry was really urgent at that time. Once a day, Zesika insulted a guardian of a would be bridegroom.

When the guardian demanded a motor cycle Zesika asked him if he was a begger. Being insulted the guardian and the bridegroom had went away.

Zesika decided to withdraw this disease from the society. She made different types of raising team against any type of direct or indirect dowry.

Though at the initial stage of making team against dowry her parents did not agree to her in that regard.

Zesika along with her head teacher of her school made some teams so that they chould raise their voice, raise their hands against dowry, illeagation.

She raised her voice along with her friends against the dowry system. The old citizen of the society started criticise her activities. But the educated section of the society praised her.

Once upon a time Zesika's aunt got married with a high school teacher. Such a way, Zesika played a pivotal role to abolish the dowry system from their community.

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